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Training for Weight Loss

Safely and steadily lose weight by training with our coaches! 

Strength Training

The trainers of Continuum Fitness specialize in strength training for all experience levels and age groups.


Learn how to monitor, manage, and take control of your diet with the guidance of coach Alicia.

Family Training

Contact us to learn about family training opportunities! Ages 10 and up welcome!

Our Services

Training Programs

Personal Training

Lose weight, build strength, muscle, and confidence! Our knowledgeable and experienced trainers are passionately committed to helping clients achieve their fitness and wellness goals. Our trainers have experience working with clients with lower back pain, bulging discs, knee replacements, ankle fusions, and anxiety, as well as clients ages 10 to 83! Clients can sign up for 30 or 60 minute sessions. Click below to view options and book!

Nutrition Coaching

Learn how to monitor, manage, and take control of your diet with the guidance of coach Alicia. With a sound method based in the science of physiology, you can lose those unwanted pounds in a steady, healthy, and sustainable manner. No fad diets, no starving yourself, just science and support. Attack and conquer your goals in an effective manner: eat real food, achieve results. No gimmicks or tricks. Click below to book!

Online Virtual Classes

Join us for our play on boot camp: BITEcamp! Coach Alicia runs a live online boot camp for those looking to exercise from the comfort of home! Sessions are 30 minutes and take place Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Alicia loves to bring the energy, and she guarantees you'll work up a sweat! Expect a full body, interval style workout including a comprehensive warmup. All exercises can be modified and performed at your preferred pace! Click below to book!

Meet Our Team

Expert Trainers

"To put it plainly, I feel great! It's wonderful to be getting my life back, one goal at a time and one day at a time. It's definitely been a journey, for sure, some days being tougher than others, but to have Alicia White on my team and guiding me along the way has been hugely beneficial. I know I still have a ways to go, there's still a great amount of work to do, but I know I'm where I belong and doing what is right for myself and my family."

Jay F.

"I’ve been participating in Alicia’s online boot camps since April 2020. Her structured Mon/Wed/Fri workouts are focused on functional fitness and maintaining good health, and they’ve helped me maintain a healthy weight and gain flexibility and strength. As a result, I feel great!"

Allen P.